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Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Review

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Designed for kids 8 years old and up, the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is a perfect option for intermediate riders who have graduated from toy-like kid scooters and want to dive into the world of stunt scootering. The Z300 has been stress-tested by professional riders, which means it can withstand daily abuses perfectly. Its latest version was remodeled with new set of deck and throat, handlebars, and a variety of colors to choose from.


As with most Fuzion scooters, careful consideration was put into developing the Z300 Pro Scooter. It is more expensive than its Z250 brother, but the Z300 packs more punch when it comes to features and build.

FUZION’S DOG-BONE DECK – One of the most prominent features of the Z300 Pro Scooter is that it is built around the brand’s trademark Dog Bone deck design.
This particular design distributes force equally throughout the scooter, allowing any rider to safely perform tricks with precision. It is also equipped with a 3mm top and bottom concave design, which is perfect for grinds, as well as rough or constant landings.

DURABLE NECK TUBE – Like higher-priced scooters, the square-shape external gusseted down neck tube is internally reinforced to increase strength and improve durability.

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT – The deck design, lightweight aluminum frame, Chromalloy T handlebars, lightweight steel fork and one-piece alloy steel hand made sure that the scooter remains under 8 pounds, which is a plus among riders since it allows freedom of movement.
Despite the lower weight, the materials used are just as durable as heavier metals.

BIG FEATURES, SMALL PRICE – The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is equipped with many features found in higher-priced scooters, such as the HIC compression system and lightning-fast ABEC 9 bearings.

SMALL, YET DURABLE WHEELS – Made with 110mm 88A PU aluminum alloy-stunned steel wheels with super-fast ABEC 9 bearings, the Z300’s wheels can handle most tricks and any street or park obstacles.

Special Features

Aside from the impeccable Fuzion Z300 design that you can see at a glance, this pro scooter’s internal mechanisms are also as extraordinary. A great example of this would be the invisible, inner-pressure Hidden Internal Compression (HIC) System, which is easier to adjust and quicker to assembled/disassemble.

The Fuzion Z300 also has the company’s signature alloy steel flexible shake-proof fender brake – an outstanding braking mechanism that provides smooth start-and-stop throughout the ride.

The grips are an interesting feature of the Z300. When holding onto the scooter, it feels exceptionally soft, yet provides efficient grip needed for advanced tricks.

The Good and the Bad

The Fuzion Z300 has everything you need to begin your journey as a scooter pro. Its sleek design isn’t the only thing that would make you want to buy this model.

High-quality aluminum materials for wheels, bearings and handlebar.
Effective HIC compression system.
Shake-proof braking mechanism provides reliable start/stop function.
Smooth-riding wheels.
Soft and effective grips.
Exceptionally lightweight (best for lugging around and doing advanced tricks).
Easy to assemble and use (even kids can do it on their own).
The Z300’s wider and longer deck may not be comfortable to other riders who are used to narrow-designed decks.
Headset needs to be tightened consistently.
Not ideal for taller riders.

The major issue about trick scooters like the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is that the bars aren’t adjustable to accommodate taller rider’s height. However, this can easily be solved by switching the original bars with something that provides the proper length.


The Fuzion Z300 weighs only 7.9 pounds, but its construction and high-quality materials used can accommodate up to 220 pounds with ease. It offers the same striking deck design as most Fuzion scooters, but the internal parts which aren’t visible to the naked eye (such as the HIC compression system, rattle-proof fender brake and internally-reinforced aluminum metal for the deck and bars) add exceptional value to the scooter.

Available in gold, black, teal and royal blue varieties, the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is a bit higher-priced than its other Fuzion counterparts, but the features offered justify the price. It’s designed for intermediate users, but the Fuzion Z300 can also withstand the abuse of advanced riders.

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