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Envy One Complete Scooter Review

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The Envy One Complete scooter is Envy’s entry-level scooter with so much to give, even at only 7 pounds. This is the same, little solid Colt model from 2015/2016, which was renamed for 2017. It’s an affordable option for those looking for a durable scooter with features similar to higher-priced models. Envy designed the One Complete to be entirely customizable, allowing riders to add on any of Envy’s other higher-end parts as needed.


The Envy One Complete requires a bit of assembly and customization (such as placement of stickers). Out of the box, this base scooter package comes with the headset, deck, bars, grips, clamp and Fork/IHC Shim. While the headset, forks and deck are already pre-assembled, and grips pre-installed, customers have to assemble the two-piece bars, attach wheels, tighten clamp and put colored stickers on.

DURABLE FORK – While the scooter comes with 100mm wheels, the 4130 chromoly steel Envy Colt fork included is durable enough to accommodate wheels up to 120mm.

UNIQUE BAR – The bar looks like a smooth singular bar, but it is actually two pieces of standard chromoly steel bars that assemble perfectly together. They are connected from the cross bar to the steertube, making the seam (except for a tiny rubber grommet) virtually invisible.

MULTIPLE COLORS – Choose from a wide range of colors, such as white, red, teal, yellow, red, pink and green. All parts of the scooter are made all-black, except for the wheels, sides of the hand grips, and sticker decals.

HIGH-QUALITY BUILD – The Envy One Complete is built with 4.45W x 19.50L integrated deck and headset with an 82.5 degree headtube, heavy-duty double clamp, thermal-threaded two-piece fork with built-in IHC compression, and 100mm 5 spoke wheels with ABEC 9 bearings.

Special Features

Envy is an all-in-one shop that offers complete pre-built models, and a complete selection of parts, including decks, bars, clamps, bearings, wheels, forks, headsets, hand grips, pegs, brakes, griptapes, and bar extensions.

What makes Envy One Complete Scooter special is that all of its parts can be exchanged with add-on parts. Unlike other affordable scooters in the market, Envy One ensures that the scooter can be used even as the riders’ skills improve over time. And since the main parts are durable enough to withstand daily abuse, you can rely on them to accommodate upgrades for years to come. It’s a smart and budget-friendly idea, which parents of 8-year-olds and up would definitely appreciate.

Another standout feature of the Envy One is the inclusion of an IHC Compression (Internal Hidden Compression). This particular compression system was developed by the Blunt/Envy brand. Unlike the original HIC compression, where IHC was based, this compression sysem is built into the fork. It makes the scooter lighter, since riders can choose from steel standard or aluminum bars, lighter clamp, or other lightweight parts.

The Good and the Bad

The idea behind Envy One Complete may lead to extreme reactions – either you’d love it or hate it. Kids, who mostly rode this scooter, often have positive experience with the Envy One Complete, particularly if they came from a Razor or other toy-like scooters.

Envy’s trademark IHC compression (for lighter, more durable scooter).
Easy to assemble.
Highly customizable (all parts can be upgraded and bought from Envy’s store).
Smooth riding experience.
Different colors to choose from (with color kit for stickers/decals).
Base scooter is enough for most beginner tricks.
Comes with high-quality Envy griptape.
Price is higher compared to other entry-level scooters in the market.
Requires time for assembly.
Only 12 months limited warranty (no customization/upgrades allowed).
Non-adjustable bars (taller kids need to switch to longer bars).


The Envy One Complete scooter is an interesting scooter because it looks simple to the naked eye, but its construction is actually one of a kind (for its price-range and entry-level category). It is equipped with Envy’s custom-made IHC compression system, which reduces the scooter’s weight significantly. Envy One is also designed to be customized by its riders, since almost all parts are upgradable to higher-priced parts.

Ideal for kids 8 to 12 years old, the Envy One leads the entry-level category for several reasons: it’s durable, well-designed, customizable, and performs smoothly during twists, turns, and brakes.

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