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What’s the Difference between a Stunt Scooter and a Regular Scooter?

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Regular scooters and stunt scooters may look alike and come with the same make up, but their slight differences actually matter to those who are going to ride them. Both types of scooters have a footplate known as deck where users stand on, wheels that move the scooter, brakes that stop it, bars to grip the scooter properly, and forks that let users maneuver the front wheel, headsets that move its bars, and clamps to keep parts intact.

example of regular or kick scooterFeatures of a Regular Scooter

Regular scooters are built using a combination of hard plastics and metals, but they’re only strong enough for lightweight users who ride on pavement, parks and pathways.

These scooters aren’t exactly designed for day-to-day abuse, so they’re mostly for smooth riding, some jumps or ramps in the park, or occasional use.

The ideal riders of regular scooters are kids 7 years old and below.
Regular scooters are designed with:

– A folding mechanism that allows for space-saving storage and easy lugging around, but this also means that the folded part becomes a weak point when riding with impact. The upside to a foldable scooter is that its height can be adjusted for taller riders.
– Hard plastic wheels that work well for continuous strolling, but not for excessive jumps.

example of a stunt scooterFeatures of a Stunt Scooter

Stunt scooters are also known as trick scooters, precisely because they’re designed to handle stunts. These scooters are built to withstand abuses brought about by jumping from heights, or performing various tricks.

There’s no folding mechanism on stunt scooters because most tricks that are performed using this scooter can break or collapse with a vulnerable foldable part. A stunt scooter providers the rider with exceptional stability, which gives rider confidence even at great heights.

The ideal riders of stunt scooters are kids above 7 years old, but any age could enjoy the scooter. The common characteristics of a stunt scooter include:

– Generally, stunt scooters are made of more durable materials. Wheels have metal core, instead of hard plastics found on regular scooters. Decks are made with steel instead of aluminum.
– Stunt scooters are equipped with compression systems to allow the bars to spin freely during stunts and offer additional control.
– Compared to basic brakes on regular scooters, stunt scooters include flex fender brakes that reduce or remove rattle for smoother riding.
– Handle bars are not adjustable and wheels are smaller – both of which help make the trick scooter faster and safer to maneuver.

Should You Buy a Regular or Stunt Scooter?

If you’re new to the world of scooters, it can be quite confusing to choose between a regular and stunt scooter since they look very much the same. But the differences would become evident at closer look, and once the rider steps onto the deck, so it’s important to consider several factors. These include:

1) Your Budget – When it comes to scooters, the higher the cost, the better quality of scooter you’d likely to get. Regular scooters are affordable, which is why it’s considered a beginner ride for kids. Stunt scooters are higher-priced because of the materials used and can become even more expensive when customized with specialty parts.
Whichever scooter you choose, it’s important to spare money for security. Helmets, knee pads, and other accessories that would protect riders from bumps and falling should always be a priority, even if your child is just riding on the pavement.

2) Skill Level – Beginners can use any type of scooter because both regular and stunt scooters do well in pavement riding. However, when a rider’s skills become more advanced, a stunt scooter would be more appropriate since it would allow the rider to experiment with stunts.

3) Weight Capacity – Gone are the days wherein scooters are exclusive for kids. Today, even adults go wild with extreme scootering. If you’re buying the scooter for an adult, go with stunt scooters with up to 100kg capacity because they offer choices of wider decks that provide better stability for heavier riders.

4) Brands – There’s no shortage of scooter brands, from Blunt to Grit, Fasen, Slamm, Madd Gear, District and more. You can find brands known for extreme scootering and brands exclusive to beginner use. However, if you’re planning to customize your scooter in the future, it is best to choose from a single brand to ensure parts are perfectly compatible.

One thing is for sure, whether you choose a regular scooter or a stunt scooter, the level of enjoyment it brings to the rider is the same and will most likely give a smile to anyone who rides it.

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